Labor Day weekend in Parker was a success.  The youngest rang in her 16th year without getting sunburned.  In fact, no one made the rookie mistake of getting burned except for Corey.  He fucked himself up.  

Charlie and Liv went in the cuddy cabin when they needed out of the sun.  The rest of us just camped out in the water with umbrellas.  Auntie Red would have been proud.

Now the fun part begins.  We now begin the stripping and buffing and gasket replacements and pump updates on the boat.  She did exactly what so was supposed to do, get us through the summer and then we can tear her down and give her the TLC she deserves.  It was a risky gamble buying her in the middle of the season and banking on her running well enough not to strand us.  She passed! 

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    This was a great trip- I can’t wait to get that boat back out on the water too!
  2. mizred said: Auntie Red is most pleased to hear that everyone had a good time and no one got hurt, sunburned or dehydrated. Well, sorry about Corey - he should listen next time. I love Liv’s little flotation device!
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